Who are we?

OffDoris is a Bristol-based, family-operated business, run by a mother-daughter duo. Our journey began with a passion for crafting, initially creating handmade gifts for our family and friends. Interestingly, everyone calls us "Doris," and when they showed off our creations, they'd say they got them "Off Doris" - and that's how our name was born!

Our adventure led us to discover wax melts, sparking a fascination with home fragrancing. Frustrated with the scents of store-bought wax melts and fueled by our love for DIY gifts, we decided to make our own. After numerous experiments, we've crafted wax melts that are not only visually appealing but also fill your home with delightful aromas.

But what's a wax melt without a burner? We've handpicked a selection of burners and other home styling items to complement our wax melts. Our collection is continuously growing, so we invite you to explore and find something you love.

We hope you adore our collections as much as we do!

With love,

Tina & Claire x