Our 'Afternoon Tea' collection is made up of 5 different scents!


You'll receive the following scents:


Blueberry Muffin (wax melts bar)

A sweet juicy fruity fragrance with notes of tangy cool blueberries sweetened by rich, soft vanilla.


Caramel Shortbread (wax melts bar)

A sweet and spicy cookie fragrance with notes of lemon rind alongside warming notes of ginger, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg finished by a biscuity vanilla base and a sprinkling of icing sugar.


Let's Celebrate (wax melts bar)

A effervescent blend of champagne, juicy nectarine & blackcurrant.


Nutty Banana (wax melts bar)

Delicious blend of banana, walnuts, vanilla & spice! 

A delicious accord of mashed banana topped with nuts on a background of soft baked cake and bread nuances supported by sweet hints of toffee and vanilla.


Cherry Sugar (wax melts bar)

A delicious mouthwatering bakewell tart accord with a juicy cherry, raspberry and strawberry puree sealed with fondant icing on a scrumptious vanilla almond cake base.

Afternoon Tea

SKU: 0351
  • Our wax melt bars are all handmade with soy wax, highly scented and full of colour, biodegradable shimmer and sparkle! They can be easily broken into cubes so you can choose your desired amount. We recommend 2 squares at a time however, if you prefer a stronger scent, you can add more as you desire.

    Each wax melts bar weighs approx 50g.

    Each segment pot weighs approx 40g.

    Please visit each individual scent for full CLP information.