• Tina

Oil/wax burners – Electric or tealight – which ones work best?

Updated: Mar 24

We are often asked which oil burners are better? We sell both because either works really well but is dependent on personal choice. Below we give you the lowdown on the benefits of each one.

Tealight oil burners

These oil burners require a lit tealight to be placed beneath the wax dish which then melt the wax, giving off a lovely aroma around your home. Tealight oil burners do tend to give off a stronger scent than electric burners as they get quite hot (the flame is hotter than the lamp). We recommend you only ever use a 4 hour tealight in our oil burners as 8 hour ones can make your burner get too hot causing it to crack. There are gas candle lighters that make lighting tealights very simple.

As a tealight is a naked flame these should never be left unattended and if you have young children or pets an electric one may be a better alternative. Never place a naked flame in a draught or near anything that could catch fire.