How to store your wax melts in the hotter months

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With the temperatures hitting the 30's this week, it's safe to say we have all been feeling the heat.

I honestly, have felt like I was melting; no exaggeration (OK, maybe a little).

I am fairly lucky, that my house is nice and cool during this weather so myself and my (precious stash of) wax melts are keeping cool.

How you store your wax melts is SO important. You probably haven't given much thought to them, let's be honest, you're probably off out enjoying our glorious sunshine! However, your sacred little stash might just be melting away and you don't even know it.

Can you imagine the heartbreak of getting out a squishy melt and it having no fragrance left? I know I would be gutted.

So, here's a few top tips on how to store your wax melts in the hotter months:

(Some might seem a little obvious to you, but you'd be surprised!)

  • Keep out of direct sunlight

  • Store in a cool dark cupboard

  • Do not store in a bathroom (temperatures get hot when showering/bathing!) - same goes for a kitchen but cooking!

  • Keep your wax melts in the original packaging and try to keep them led down

If your wax melts do get caught in the heat, you will find that they either aren't as strong as normal or that they don't last as long, this is because the heat has already begun melting the fragrance away (just like when they're in your melter, the only difference, you don't get the beautiful scent).

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Claire x

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