Finding the scents too strong? (Or maybe even too subtle?)

I recently received a complaint from a customer explaining that she found the scents were too strong for her.. Madness I know. So, I thought it would be really useful to share some tips around wax melts, scent throw and wax melters (also known as wax burners, oil burners or aroma lamps).

I personally, have about 7 different wax melters dotted around my home. I like different scents in different rooms. For example, I like fruity fragrances in the kitchen, calming/fresh scents in the bedroom, fruity or calming in the bathroom and so on.

Depending on the scent/room, will depend upon which wax melter I decide to use.

I have small melters, medium sized melters and larger ones. If I have a subtle fragrance for example Paradise Beach, I tend to pop these into a smaller melter. Why? Because the flame is closer to dish, you'll find it gets hotter and therefore, the fragrance is more intense.

If I have a stronger scent for example Snow Fairy, I'll pop 2 cubes into a either a larger melter or into an aroma lamp. You'll find the scent to be a little more subtle as it doesn't get as hot.

Of course, there are pros and cons to both. If you use a smaller melter, you'll find the fragrance won't last as long as it will burn off the oil much quicker. So, you'll have a stronger fragrance, but you'll need to change the wax quicker.

Or, you can use a larger melter or aroma lamp, but you'll find the scent throw won't be as strong, however, your wax melts will last much longer.

You have to weigh up what you prefer. Me, personally, I LOVE a strong scent throw. I want to walk around the different rooms getting smacked in the face with a lush strong fruity smell ha! (If you're in our facebook group, you'll forever see me bang on about my current fave, Coconut Milk and Lime - ABSOLUTE DREAM!!! You can shop it here).

BUT, if you want something more subtle and to last longer, I would highly recommend moving to a larger melter or investing in an aroma lamp.

Don't forget, the size of your room can also make a difference! If you've got your melter in a large room, you'll probably find the scent to be more subtle as it has a larger space to fill and vice versa with a smaller room.

If you're ever struggling with a scent or melter you'd received from us, just pop me a message and I'll more than happy to suggest some tips.

Love, Claire xxxx

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