Who are we?

OffDoris is a family run business (a Mum and daughter) based in Bristol.  We have always enjoyed making things and began making gifts for family and friends. Everyone who knows us calls us Doris, so when they received an item and were asked where they got it, their reply would be “Off Doris”, which is how we chose our name!

Whilst making gifts and helping style homes, we stumbled across wax melts.  That was the start of our obsession with fragrancing our homes..

After being disappointed with the fragrances given off by wax melts we had purchased and our love of making gifts we ventured into making our own, initially for our own use. After much trial and error, we have perfected our wax melts to not only look lovely but to give off amazing scents that flow around your home. 

Of course having wax melts means having a burner and so we began carefully selecting these along with other items to style your home.  Our collections are ever expanding so why not take a look.

We hope you love our collections as much as we do!


Tina & Claire x